Citizen Science

YOU can become a citizen scientist. The Grange Insurance Audubon Center offers many opportunities for you to become involved in important work that's being done!

Citizen Science Offerings at GIAC:

YOU can become a citizen scientist. The GIAC offers many opportunities!

FeederWatch: Held from November through March, volunteers may come on designated days to conduct some relaxed backyard bird watching of our feeders from anywhere from 15 minutes to multiple hours!  The data collected helps ornithologists to understand the distribution and abundance of birds in winter! 

Great Backyard Bird Count: Join us Saturday and Sunday February 14 – 15 for this fun, free, family-friendly event is a way to discover and help birds in your neighborhood! By you, and people like you, becoming citizen scientists for a weekend, scientists have been given the “big picture” about what is happening to bird populations. In 2013, the Great Backyard Bird Count documented 4,258 species throughout 111 different countries! 

Hummingbirds at Home: This is a new citizen science project created by the National Audubon Society. As flowers bloom earlier because of warming temperatures, the impact on hummingbirds which rely on nectar could be severe. This project documents hummingbird sightings across the country, as well as the nectar sources they are using! This project is ongoing during the spring!

Butterfly Surveys: The GIAC is conducting bi-weekly butterfly surveys within the Scioto Audubon Metro Park from April through October! Results will contribute to long-term monitoring of butterfly populations.

NestWatch: Help us check nest boxes at the GIAC and record data on what species are nesting, how many young they have and more! This project is ongoing during the breeding season, May through August. 

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