Scout Programming

Offering troop level programs as well as service project opportunities which provide unique hands-on learning activities and combine conservation awareness with outdoor exploration.... all designed to help support children in Girl Scouts or Scouts BSA as they work to accomplish their goals.

Activities open to ALL scouts:


These troop level programs will incorporate many of the facets your scouts will need to complete various journeys/badges. Please refer to your handbooks and guides for the complete set of requirements. Troop level programs may be scheduled in the evenings and on weekends as availabile.  The cost for up to 18 scouts to participate is $100 and the programs last 1 1/2 hours. Please contact Allison Clark at for more information and to check the calendar for availability. 

Bird Study:

Are you curious about birds? Have you ever wondered why they're so important to the health of ecosystems all around the world? Have you ever thought about migration and wondered when and how birds complete this remarkable journey? This program will help you discover the answers to those questions and more by learning about bird migration, their topography, and what stories they can tell us about our world. 

Conservation Study: 

Human impact on our planet is increasing with every passing year. Each and every action we take has an effect on the world around us. All our choices; from when we switch on our lights to what kind of transportation we use and everything in between increase or decreases our carbon footprint. Explore our "green building", study invasive versus native species, and take conservation action in our park (weather permitting) to see how you can have an positive impact on the natural world. 

Water Study:

71 percent of Earth's surface is covered with water. It's probably not something you spend time thinking about it but water is one of our most precious resources. This program will help you understand the value of water and steps you can take to protect it. You'll explore our two aquatic habitats; the river and our wetlands, perform real water quality tests, and observe real world examples of water conservation in action.  

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