Audubon at Home

Attend one of our Audubon at Home monthly programs, or enroll your property today!
Photo: Jesse M. Harris

Audubon at Home

Attend one of our Audubon at Home monthly programs, or enroll your property today!

Grange Insurance Audubon Center will begin offering monthly instructional courses about its Audubon at Home conservation program the second Wednesday of every month at 7pm. Program topics will include important  backyard conservation practices, and will include garden design, citizen science, lawn care, rain gardens, native plants, floral design with natives, nest boxes, bird feeding, composting, pollinators, permaculture, backyard birds, edible natives and more! Donations appreciated. 

No registration required but to RSVP or to receive more information,                                                                                                                                      contact Michael Goldman at                                                                                                                               

2017 Backyard Conservation Program Series TO BE ANNOUNCED soon! Please check back regularly!            

Audubon at Home Property Enrollment

The mission of Audubon at Home is to create a bird-friendly community through planting native plants, removing invasive species, and creating safe places for birds.  By creating a bird friendly community, birds will ahve a safe migratory passage from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi Delta. Generally the typical yard consists of a mowed grass lawn bordered by an assortment of shrubs, trees, and flowers. These grasses, shrubs, trees and flowers are often exotic to the region and may not provide any benefits to the native wildlife. In addition because the plants do not belong in this area, homeowners often apply large amounts of money, time, water, pesticides and fertilizers to maintain their yards appearance.  

For more information about Audubon at Home participation or to enroll, please contact Michael at or (614)545-5486.

On every property, whether an apartment balcony, a townhome, a suburban house or a rural farm, there is potential to create sustainable and natural habitats. In simple changes, and small steps, we can all take an active role in conservation that benefits not just nature, but mankind as well. Actions such as planting native plants, conserving water, and reducing pesticide use can lead to improvements in environmental health and habitat quality. Are you up for the challenge to help your wildlife community?

30 yards will be enrolled in 2017 and registrations begin on March 1 at 9:00am.

Fee: $125 for one year

It is as easy as one, two three

  1. Enroll your property and determine the level of participation
  2. Commit to a series of action steps in your yard
  3. Receive technical help and incentives to help achieve your goals

Create Bird Friendly Habitat One Yard at a Time

  • Enroll your yard and decide at what level you want to participate
  • Volunteers will contact you to schedule your yard visit
  • Enjoy incentives to help you get started
  • Enjoy the abundant birds, butterflies and other wildlife that will be attracted to your yard
  • Opportunity to attend monthly educational programs on various topics to help you reach your goals
  • Once you have reached the level you are striving for you will receive your yard sign
  • Celebrate your success and the good you have done for our feathered friends and the environment

How does Audubon help you accomplish these goals?

  • Volunteers and staff conduct an initial yard assessment to help you identity what you have in your yard and garden and what level of participation that you would like to work towards
  • 30 participants will receive $100 worth of native plants from Scioto Gardens to help get you started on your yard transformation
  • Membership to Audubon
  • Initial yard visit
  • Wild Birds Unlimited: 10% off
  • Scioto Gardens: 10% off
  • Natives in Harmony: 10 % discount and rotating specials
  • Timber Press Books – 30% off Doug Tallamy Books, Bringing Nature Home and The Living Landscape
  • FREE admission to monthly education programs held at the Audubon Center
  • Periodic Workshops or Lectures to further your knowledge
  • Visit the A@H garden at the Center to get ideas and talk to volunteers
  • Good Nature Organic Lawn Care: $50 off of a late summer/fall Slice Seeding, or $10 off a specialized service (soil test, aeration, or pelletized compost topdress), when signed up on a full fertilization program.
  • Kurtz Brothers: special offers on mulch and native plants

Once you are enrolled in the program you will be contacted to set up your initial home visit.

Participation Levels

Participation Levels

You can decide how much you want to participate!

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Audubon at Home Rewards

Audubon at Home Rewards

Find out what you can receive for joining this amazing program!

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